By Karen On June 26, 2019

19 Ways For Your Craft Beverage Business to Use Digital Marketing in Q3

Full Disclosure: We saw this blog post idea over at Mailchimp, the email marketing company. Thanks for the brilliant topic, Mailchimp!

Here are some of the ways you can grow your business in the third quarter of 2019 using digital marketing:


-Optimize your website for mobile users

-Post consistently on social

-Automate your social media posting

-Explore hash tags

-Create more thoughtful content

-Start using paid ads on Facebook

-Work with a social media influencer

-Start an email list

-Produce a video about your company

-Launch a blog

-Perform an SEO Audit (we’ll do it for free)

-Obtain more backlinks to your website

-Hire someone to help with your marketing

-Update your website photography

-Improve your website’s Google ranking

-Rank for multiple keywords (Example: Kansas City distillery)

-Refresh your website

-Map Your Products

-Track products people want (with Small-Batch Maps)

Need help utilizing digital marketing in Q3? Email us today at to get started on any of the above services.


Karen Locke is Founder of High-Proof Creative. She has written about booze for magazines like GQ magazine, Bon Appétit, Thrillist, Sip Northwest, Chilled, and more. Additionally, Karen has many years of creative, and marketing agency work in Portland. She believes the darker the bar, the better.

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