1-on-1 Branding Workshop

Build Out Your Brand

You spent a ton of time and energy developing your product. We’re a drink branding company that can help you hone your brand identity. Your brand identity goes beyond your logo and the well-written copy on your website. Branding is your business at its core. It’s planned and consistent, and it allows you to grow a deeper relationship with customers. 

Why You Need Our Branding Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll help you align your purpose and values, and we will even help you choose an archetype personality for your brand. Will your brand be The Outlaw — a brand that breaks the rules and fights authority? Or, will your brand be The Explorer — an exciting, risk-taking, and authentic brand? We don’t know of a ton of other spirits marketing agencies offering this essential workshop!

Brand Workshop Exercises

Exercise 1: Establishing your brand purpose 

Exercise 2: Establishing your brand values 

Exercise 3: Establishing your brand personality (Which brand archetype should you adapt consistently?)

Exercise 4: Establishing a brand story or founder story, and which one is best for your brand

Exercise 5: Establishing your target market and their needs and desires

Outcome of Workshop

At the end of the workshop, you will gain a better understanding of how to position your brand, your brand personality, and how to communicate with potential and current customers. We deliver a beautifully designed brand guidebook for your team to utilize in marketing efforts. This workshop is excellent for new brands and established companies looking to connect with customers and get their products in front of new audiences.

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