Small-Batch Maps

Map Your Products & Track Customer Searches

Help Consumers Find Your Products

Created by High-Proof Creative, Small Batch Maps is a web-based mapping feature for displaying product to potential customers. Small-Batch Maps also provides user data via auto-generated emails so you know exactly what your customers are searching:

  • Manually entered search terms
  • Product Searches
  • Location Clicks

Fully customizable, we can add markers to differentiate by product, and venue (tasting rooms, bars, restaurants, liquor stores), and we can even customize your map to align perfectly with your branding. 

city with map points

Get Small-Batch Maps for your distillery website!

Our low monthly licensing fee for Small-Batch Maps comes with free install.

Potential customers know exactly where to find your products.

You gain insights on product demand.


Easy Updates

Easy Updates

Track clicks and searches of your potential customers to help forecast demand! We track which stores potential customers are interested in visiting to buy your spirits.

Track Searches

Track Searches

With Small-Batch Maps, you can add the content on the backend of your website or contact us and we can add your updated product list. Update your product list as often as needed.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

We can customize the look and feel of the map so it matches your branding. We can add bars, restaurants, and other retailers that carry your liquor.

Marketing Insights

Marketing Insights

Customers will be able to view your available product efficiently, and you’ll receive data so you know which products consumers are seeking, browsing, and clicking.

Branding & Marketing for Distilleries

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High-Proof Creative, is a full-service, niche marketing agency for the craft beverage industry. The Portland-based agency provides services for companies worldwide in a variety of areas including website development, design, marketing strategy, social media, content, SEO, and more.

High-Proof Creative was founded by Karen Locke in 2018, and includes a team of marketing professionals with backgrounds in branding, design, website development, and digital marketing. In addition to these services, High-Proof Creative aims to provide digital solutions for the distilling industry with website features and apps.

With both ongoing and consulting services available, High-Proof Creative strives to have a positive impact through its work. Visit High-Proof Creative’s office in downtown Portland’s West End.

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