Highlighting Womxn in Distilling

There’s data out there that says fewer than 1% of U.S. distilleries are owned by women. As we know, data can be interpreted in many ways. Albeit accurate, what people outside of the distilling industry hear is “there aren’t many women in distilling.” Founder of High-Proof Creative, Karen Locke, knows this isn’t true having spent nearly 10 years writing about distilling. Womxn in Distilling is meant to highlight those women in the distillery whether they are owning, working, or distilling in the industry. Add your company to the map here.

We hope Womxn in Distilling will be a resource for those hoping to support the industry. Our map has many categories, please contact us if you would like a category added.

We’ll also be featuring womxn in the industry through our written series. Check back often for stories and Q&As.

Why is there an X in “Womxn”?
The spelling of womxn is meant to show inclusion of trans, nonbinary, womxn of color, womxn with disabilities and all other marginalized genders. Our organization particularly uses this spelling to separate ourselves from exclusionary feminisms.

Womxn in Distilling Companies

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By High-Proof Creative On September 20, 2020

From KPU University to YouTube, Miss Brewbird, Documents Life at the Distillery

We first found Canadian distiller, Miss Brewbird, documenting production and daily life as a distiller on YouTube. Currently in a new position at the Welsh Wind is nestled in Cardigan Bay after distilling at The Borders Distillery in Scotland, she didn’t always know she wanted to be in the distilling industry.  What made you want […]
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