By Ryan Stevens On February 22, 2019

Influencer Marketing for Alcohol Brands

Navigating the world of hashtags, geo-targeting, and the trending social climate, changes with every new wave of customer-driven fads and big-business campaigns. The reach of social influencers is growing like wildfire, leaving no industry untouched. The role of social influencers in marketing has exapanded so vastly by 2020 that you can’t afford to not use them as a tool in your arsenal.

Stepping into the world of influencer partnership can be confusing. Check out some tips.Currently, a multi-billion dollar industry, influencer marketing is a neologism used to describe whenever a popular online figure is paid to promote a product or service within their social media feed. Spend any time on Instagram or YouTube, and chances are you’ll encounter these stylish, photogenic influencers who hawk clothes, makeup, and nutritional supplements, often with a #sponsored hashtag placed somewhere prominently within the post’s description. The industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is projected to generate as much as $10 billion by 2020. As more and more brands have waded into the market, demand for influencers has gone up.

Simon Owens, Writer at New York Magazine

So, how do you harness the seemingly ever-growing power and reach of social influencers to bolster your brand? The answer is a complicated, but necessary, layered approach. The rules and regulations have to be followed to a T, so getting into a partnership with an engaging influencer is more than just handshakes and promises — it’s knowing your brand won’t be hit with fines or any setbacks.

Finding the Right FitStepping into the world of influencer partnership can be confusing. Check out some tips.

Finding the right influencer for your brand can be half the struggle. That’s why companies like Traackr have designed systems to help piece your brand’s puzzle together. Going through an already filtered system gives you the chance to hone in on your targeted demographic and geo-centered message, making your campaign that more potent.

This new social fabric affects how people relate to and involve themselves with brands, ultimately enabling them to be more than just buyers. Brands set to succeed in this new environment have acknowledged the fundamental retooling and transformation already underway. Thus, they have made strides to value their community, and in turn become valued members.

The Traackr Team


Cost is also another determining factor for which social influencer you’ll be partnering with. Determining a budget, researching similar campaigns, and sticking to what you’ve monetarily allocated, allows expectations to be managed. Start by checking out micro-influencers that might have a relationship within the geo-targeted community for a grassroots style assault rather than shelling out a good portion of your monthly marketing budget on one approach.

In 2016 an endorsement from a top-level influencer would generally cost about $5,000 to $10,000. Now, brands are expected to pay well over $100,000 for the same placement.

Paris Martineau, Writer at Wired

Work with Nano- and Micro-Influencers

Engagement of micro-influencers succeeded that of celebrities last year. In addition, audiences see micro-influencers as more authentic and believable than collaborators with a high following. Consider influencers with fewer followers when planning your influencer marketing, especially if on a budget. Influencers with 1,000 to 5,000 followers may have more quality followers than those with 300,000, and their cost of service is routinely less than the more established influencers. To find them, start with hashtags. Pay close attention to the number of followers on accounts and if they’ve featured any products in their content. If you’re having trouble finding influencers, public relations and marketing agencies often have existing relationships with influencers that you can harness.

Writers Can Be Influencers Too

Not all writers, but some will use Instagram to propel their careers. Connecting directly with writers is a perfect way to start off the exploration process of social influencers. Writers give you access to publications and social platforms across the board. Building relationships with those behind the keystrokes is a hurdle-less connection towards building a brand presence on social media.

Influencers have become a necessary evil, with their flawless filters, quirky bottle shots, and trendsetting hashtags. Rather than letting an opportunity pass you by, let us help you research, make some connections, and ride that (necessary) influencer wave. Email us at or fill out our contact form.

Ryan Stevens

From his first sip of wine to the last Scotch tasting, Ryan has loved the craft and the journey behind the bottle. In between being a jungle-gym for his two kids, sneaking off for date time with his wife, and filling coffee cups full of bourbon, he finds time to detail the experience that goes into each libation. It’s the hidden nuances behind the bottle that fuels the passion for telling the stories that go into every glass, dram, and sip.

Along with running his own copywriting-focused agency, BlankGlass, he is a regular contributor for The Oregon Wine Press, Busted Wallet, Alcohol Professor and Sip Northwest. He has found his niche showcasing the nuances behind the vices that make life a celebration. Living in Oregon provides a rich canvas filled with vibrant flavor profiles and vivid fermented nuances that, with his family by his side, Ryan paints a picture of the delicious possibilities.

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