By Karen On December 1, 2019

Craft Distillery Sell Sheet Template

Sell sheets are important for distillery distribution and sales but in reality everyone from liquor stores — to the media — to potential investors will lay eyes on them at some point. Whether you’re a new distillery in need of sell sheets for the first time, or your sell sheets are outdated and need a refresh, use this template to ensure you’ve included all of the essentials in your design.

Bottle Photography 

In the photo industry they call imagery of a product with a transparent background, a knockout. A knockout or bottle image is essential for potential buyers and distributors to get a feel for your label and branding. Bottle imagery also helps the press recognize your product by its label as they begin to learn more about your portfolio.

Opening Description 

This is a one-two paragraph description similar to what would appear on your website. Include pertinent botanical information, tips for consuming, and any top level production notes. 

Here’s an example from KOVAL Distillery: “Crafted with the same prized recipe as the Dry Gin, KOVAL Barreled Gin adds a new level of citrus and spice with a light butterscotch sweetness that comes from its maturation in a KOVAL whiskey barrel. A perfect marriage of botanicals and oak, KOVAL Barreled Gin is crisp enough to be enjoyed straight, or as a new layer of depth in classic cocktails.”

Differentiating Statement or Blurb

Here’s where you need to differentiate the product from the rest on the market. Is your gin 100% vapor extracted? Kosher certified? Made from unique, local botanicals? Let the audience know your product isn’t just another gin, whiskey or vodka. 

Supporting Content 

Don’t forget to include supporting content such as a blurb about your product from the press or a small list of recent medals and awards. Don’t be afraid to add imagery of medals if space allows.  

Essential Info

Have you included the following information on your sell sheet?:

  • Contact information (address, website, social)
  • UPCs (Either written out or actual UPC barcode)
  • Proof, ABV, and price
  • Best route for product procurement 
  • Control state product code (if applicable)

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Sell Sheet Template


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