By Ryan Stevens On October 31, 2018

Use Content to Lure in Potential Customers, and Keep Them Sipping

You’re living the dream: sourcing unique grains and finishing barrels while customers enjoy the fruits of your labors. As you sip the labors of your distilling life, you’re probably wondering why we would recommend that you complicate your routine with a content strategy, especially as sales are picking up and your products are moving off the shelves.

Now that you’ve launched your spirit and it’s gaining traction, there’s no better time to concentrate on content for SEO, conversion, and retention purposes.

The ambiguous and dark world of SEO, isn’t actually that ambiguous. SEO is built on optimized content that follows Google’s rules in order to help your website come up first when a potential customer searches for your product. This can be in the form of keywords built into the site as well as the meta descriptions behind the scenes that allow search engines the ability to see your site as an authority on the searched subject. The more brand-specific content you have, the better your site will score on the search rankings.

While you may have articles about your awards, expert reviews, a process journal, or a profile about your company on another website, you need content that lives on your website, too. Not only does it give your company a voice of authority in the industry, the more thoughtful content you have on your website, the more often your potential customers can land on your website when searching keywords related to the spirits industry.

This is where we throw two more marketing terms into the mix: conversion and retention. Cheers to more jargon!

No matter the industry, the goal of a content strategy is to create traffic to your website, keep your potential customers there, and convert them into long-term customers. If you’re lucky, and you’re doing everything right, you get to move into that wonderful world of retention.

Blog posts filled with thoughtful content allow you to showcase elements of the company like behind-the-scenes processes or seasonal offerings, while bringing the campaign directly to your audience. This circles us back to the necessity of relationship-based marketing. Content with the customer in mind gives them something they can use and a reason to think about about your brand. It can be helpful content about how to make ice clear, how to properly stir a cocktail, etc.

Creative agencies understand the importance of fresh, engaging content and will work within the brand voice to generate targeted hits to your website. While you’re busy pouring over label decisions and tasting events, we’re busy telling the story to invigorate the brand across your website, social media, paid campaigns, and marketing.  

Content provides the perfect avenue for your brand to position itself in both relationship building and as a voice of trusted authority in the industry. Combining informative blogs with a planned social attack serves as the perfect happy hour double-shot to showcase the range and engagement of your brand.  

Want help creating a content plan or getting content on your website? Contact us today, we can you down the path of using content for SEO, conversions, and retention. You distill the spirits while we pour you the content. Simple and balanced with a delicious outcome.

Ryan Stevens

From his first sip of wine to the last Scotch tasting, Ryan has loved the craft and the journey behind the bottle. In between being a jungle-gym for his two kids, sneaking off for date time with his wife, and filling coffee cups full of bourbon, he finds time to detail the experience that goes into each libation. It’s the hidden nuances behind the bottle that fuels the passion for telling the stories that go into every glass, dram, and sip.

Along with running his own copywriting-focused agency, BlankGlass, he is a regular contributor for The Oregon Wine Press, Busted Wallet, Alcohol Professor and Sip Northwest. He has found his niche showcasing the nuances behind the vices that make life a celebration. Living in Oregon provides a rich canvas filled with vibrant flavor profiles and vivid fermented nuances that, with his family by his side, Ryan paints a picture of the delicious possibilities.

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