By Karen On October 23, 2019

Map Products and Track Customer Searches with Small-Batch Maps

Every month, open your inbox to a list of stores and locations where consumers are searching for your products.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Small-Batch Maps, a web-based app for mapping your products on your website. The subscription-based software for distilleries and the beverage industry is compatible with WordPress, Squarespace, and any other website platform. Small-Batch Maps isn’t just another map; after potential customers use the map to search for your products, we’ll email you a list of Top Products Searched, Top Locations Searched, and Top Stores Clicked. This valuable data can be used for marketing and forecasting distribution for your distillery or beverage company.

A screen shot of the mapping product Small-Batch Maps


Product Demand Data

Small-Batch Maps tracks clicks and searches by your potential customers to help you forecast demand. We track which stores potential customers are interested in visiting to buy your spirits, mixers, or other products. We’ll send you an email once per month, so you won’t have to retrieve data by logging in to your website.

Fully Custom

In addition to providing valuable data, Small-Batch Maps is fully customizable. Using your brand guide, we can match the look and feel of the map to your website template. With Small-Batch Maps, you can add additional distribution venues on top of liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.  Think sports arenas, theaters, or grocery stores.

Mobile Friendly

Small-Batch Maps is a mobile-friendly website application that will load correctly on any device. 

Easy Location Updates

With Small-Batch Maps, you can either add new content on the back end of, or contact us and we can add your updated product list immediately.


So, you finally have a map on your website to display your products and you have search data. But what can you do with that data?

Marketing Insights

Small-Batch Maps gives you data on product demand, and where people want to buy your products. Use this data to market the products in the most demand, or the products with less exposure. 

Estimate Product Needs

When stores or distribution companies have less-than-accurate data, you can use Small-Batch Maps data to estimate when a store may be running low on product based on Top Stores Clicked. 

Discover Distribution Regions

Not only will customers be able to search your available product efficiently, you’ll receive data so you know which products consumers are seeking, browsing for, and clicking on the most. It can be effective to align your marketing efforts with top searches.

Get Started Using Small-Batch Maps

Our monthly subscription for Small-Batch Maps comes with free install. Head to to get started. Contact us if you need help installing your map, or install yourself after checking out via our online store. 


Karen Locke is Founder of High-Proof Creative. She has written about booze for magazines like GQ magazine, Bon Appétit, Thrillist, Sip Northwest, Chilled, and more. Additionally, Karen has many years of creative, and marketing agency work in Portland. She believes the darker the bar, the better.

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