By High-Proof Creative On April 10, 2020

Advice for Working Remotely From People Who Do it All the Time

How’s working from home going? It’s a challenge, for sure. Although most of us do live in Portland, our team has always been remote. Here’s how the High-Proof team has been working from home.


Get true, model-ready lighting on your video calls by facing a window. (I’m serious people… I have received compliments on my skin even 2 days in to no-shower zone with no make-up on)

Even better if the desk/surface your computer is on is white—it bounces additional light onto your face. –Lauren, Creative Strategist

Sad Lighting

Rad Lighting


Position props behind you such as your booze collection. It will not only impress the person on the other end of the conference call, it distracts from the fact that you don’t really brush your hair that often. –Karen Locke, Founder


 Set up a kiddie pool next to your “office.” –Peter David, Developer

Play nicely with your coworkers and share the office space accordingly. –Ryan Stevens, Content Strategist

Put on pants. Work from wherever you want to. If that’s a back patio, a front yard, a couch, a desk, or an actual home office, do it. Make your to-do list. Treat yo’self. Put a little cream and whipped cream in that coffee, eat cake for breakfast one day, buy the Cheetos popcorn on your weekly trip to the store (it’s weirdly good), have a lunch beer but maybe keep it to one. –Rachel Sandstrom Morrison, Public Relations



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