By Karen On July 16, 2018

4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Distillery Tasting Room

In some states like Oregon (also home to High-Proof Creative), tasting room vibes are bit more “in-and-out,” meaning people sample their way through a flight, hopefully buy a bottle, and then head out.

Maybe you have less of a focus on aesthetics, and more of a “here you are among the barrels sipping our whiskey” look and feel. Maybe that’s your ideal vibe. I love this vibe! But if not, and if you’re looking to inexpensively spruce up your tasting room and keep people around a wee bit longer, here are some tips and tricks for adding a bit of warmth to your space.


I know what you’re thinking. Art costs money. It’s also easy to get sick of something you see for 12 hours a day so investing in pieces probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for your distillery BUT there are always artists looking to showcase and sell their work. Coffee shops are notoriously good at having art openings that showcase artists. Not only does it spruce up your walls, you’re supporting local art AND it’s another excuse to throw a party.

Greenery or Flowers

If flowers on your tasting room bar won’t mess with your hardcore industrial vibes then by all means get some life in there besides drunk humans. Flowers don’t have to break the bank. Up-and-coming florists are often looking for outlets to display their work and have cards and displays with their info ready to go. Know someone with a beautiful garden? That person might also like a bottle of your newest spirit in exchange for flowers a few times per month. For jungle vibes, estate sales often have a plethora of plants and greenery for cheap.


I can’t count the amount of tasting rooms I’ve visited where I’ve been met with a hello, then silence after walking through the doors. A little bit of music (maybe something chill, and no Creed?) can lighten the mood especially in tasting room environments where patrons are walking right up to a knowledgeable tasting room employee to potentially try spirits they’ve never experienced before.


Most distilleries are somewhat hidden by virtue of blending in with other warehouses and factories nearby. Murals can add some character to an otherwise indistinct building. We love the Woodinville Whiskey Company’s recently completed mural. It was done by one of the distillers’ mothers. Check it out on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, people love posting photos of themselves in front of murals. 

Hit me up, and let’s talk marketing for distilleries.


Karen Locke is Founder of High-Proof Creative. She has written about booze for magazines like GQ magazine, Bon Appétit, Thrillist, Sip Northwest, Chilled, and more. Additionally, Karen has many years of creative, and marketing agency work in Portland. She believes the darker the bar, the better.

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