By Ashley Jhaveri On May 23, 2022

Lost But Not Forgotten: Branding Trends from the Past We Love

We often look forward to discovering the latest design trends, but what happens when we choose to take a look back? Some spirits brands have evolved with time and trends; others have stayed steadfastly true to their original designs; and still, others have found a happy in-between. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite trends from the past. Who knows? Maybe some of these will come back around.

Woman as a Goddess

Designs for three vintage advertisements feature women who are celebrated as goddesses.

The women in these ads are lovely, certainly, but their boldness and intensity are also undeniable. Women are often sexualized in advertising, but this is something different — woman celebrated as a goddess. The Cynar woman, fighting the wear and tear of modern life, is portrayed simply and elegantly in green tones; perhaps alluding to her other-worldly power. The Averna ad captures a woman with Athena-like beauty, emphasizing her strong bone structure and elegance. This is indeed a difficult line to toe, but as we reflect on this empowering trend, we consider how we can effectively incorporate the power of femininity into our design today.

An Escape to Another Place

Three vintage illustrations showcase designs that represent exotic or far away locations.

These brands opt to sweep their audience off their feet with bold illustration. Alpe’s Genepy label takes you away to a cozy ski resort in the crisp, mountainous Alps — you can almost feel the cold air against your cheek – while Bordiga’s Vermouth Bianco quickly whisks you into the dry heat of the Arabian desert. The imagery is paired with simple, easy-to-read typography that allows you to truly lose yourself in the destination rather than the fuss of the journey.

Best Font Forward

Stylistic fonts factor heavily in these three brand designs.

Rather than leading with alluring imagery, these brands make the most of their names, leaning heavily on font as their main attraction. Stylistically different but conceptually similar, this trend packs a punch of brand recognition. Where others make you fight past tangled laurels, banners, flowers and ribbons, these brands keep clutter at arm’s length. Here, you’ll find little illustration, aside from the common & intricate badge elements, so that the brand name takes center stage, as if shouting from the shelves, “LOOK WHO MADE ME!” In reality, these probably aren’t fonts at all, but instead carefully hand-lettered logos, loaded with personality.

So, while we will continue to look ahead, we will not stop looking back, gaining inspiration from those who came before us, paving the way for the colorful and diverse world of spirits brands we happily thrive in today.

Ashley Jhaveri

Ashley has been a graphic designer for 5+ years and is now the Creative Producer at High-Proof Creative. She enjoys long walks through her neighborhood, spending time with her partner Jake, and striking up conversations with strangers.

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