By Allie On April 28, 2020

5 Easy Low-Proof Cocktails to Share with Your Followers

Due to COVID-19 and the #stayhome #stayinside guidance, alcohol sales have increased significantly as consumers are generally drinking at home more than usual. The bigger brands are seeing increases but it’s a little more difficult when it comes to getting craft products in front of customers.

However, as the quarantine continues and becomes the “new normal” for the unforeseeable time being, many people are looking for ways to continue infusing their days with spirits, but without getting too buzzed and with less of a chance of a hangover the next day. Enter low-proof cocktails: a trend that has been growing in the last couple of years to offer craft beverage lovers the experience and taste they enjoy, but in a more moderation-focused manner. 

Check out this guide for our favorite low-proof cocktail recipes to share with your followers who are looking to consume the spirits they enjoy without the boozy punch. Think: more virtual happy hours, less guilt. While sharing these recipes, encourage your followers to share their photos from home of their low-proof, but highly delicious cocktail creations.

Cucumber Gin Fizz


We all know how the industry feels about White Claw, but unfortunately, consumers still love the stuff. Provide this recipe to your followers so they can still have their seltzer but without all of the malt. With six simple ingredients, this low-ABV Gin Fizz is packed with flavor and aromatics of mint and lime. Grab the recipe here via Olive Real Food. Take it from us—it pairs perfectly with fresh summer salads and patio FaceTime hangs. 

Bourbon Mint Spiked Arnold Palmer

The beloved Arnold Palmer was created on the basis of mixing two delicious beverages to result in an even more delicious combination—a perfect basis for a cocktail if you ask us! This cocktail incorporates mint and 1-2 ounces of bourbon for the most refreshing low-ABV porch-sipping goodness. Grab the recipe here via Southern Kitchen

Aperol Sour Gin Cocktail

Aperol is a fan favorite in the low-proof cocktail world. It’s naturally low in ABV but packs a flavorful punch with its delightful hints of orange, rhubarb, and bitter herbaceous goodness. We suggest fully enjoying this Aperol Sour with craft gin for a quarantine brunch. The good news is during quarantine, brunch can happen any day, any time and without waiting in any lines. So go ahead and grab the recipe here via Blossom to Stem and enjoy with homemade eggs benedict or pancakes to be transported instantly to your favorite local brunch spot. 

Aquavit  Spritzer

This refreshing spritzer is made with ingredients your followers probably already have in their kitchen and comes together in minutes. We suggest rosemary, sage, or basil for a nice sweet-savory twist. Mix up this recipe via Epicurious, grab your picnic basket and head to the backyard to enjoy while basking in the sun. 

Mint Julep

Just because the Kentucky Derby is postponed to September, doesn’t mean your followers can’t get in the spirit of their favorite spring pastime by sipping on their favorite bourbon cocktail. This Mint Julep is a twist on the classically high-proof cocktail with a lower proof for a low-key mock Derby Day at home this year. Even better, it comes together in minutes and only requires mint, sugar, water, and of course your favorite local bourbon. Need we say more? Don’t wait any longer—put on your Derby hats and pin-striped suits, and snag the recipe here via Taste of Home.  



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