On December 14, 2023

2024 Social Media Trends for Liquor Marketing

You’ve been concentrating on crafting your rums, vodkas, gins and whiskeys for the next year. As a result, you’re probably not paying a ton of attention to social media updates. That’s what we’re here for! As a liquor marketing company, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of social media platforms, trends and upcoming changes. […]
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On May 16, 2023

6 Ways to Boost Alcohol Marketing Strategy This Summer

Summer means warmer weather, flip-flops, pool parties and barbecues. It’s also an excellent opportunity to sell more craft spirits with an updated alcohol marketing strategy. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, the alcohol marketing possibilities are endless. If you’re considering the many ways to market your spirits throughout these hot days, we’ve got you […]
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On July 29, 2020

Liquor Advertising & Social Media Laws in California

Please note: We are not law experts. This is our interpretation of liquor advertising laws, which we follow for our clients based in California. Liquor laws! Sigh. Not the fun part of running a distillery. But when it comes to marketing your distillery and products, it’s necessary to understand the liquor advertising laws of your state, […]
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On July 26, 2018
By Karen |

DISCUS Guidelines for Alcohol Advertising

It’s all fun and games, until we accidentally market booze to a minor. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) issues guidelines for responsible alcohol advertising and marketing on social networking sites and other digital communications platforms. Do you know all of the requirements? Here’s a little refresher! Digital marketing communications are intended […]
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