SEO and Google Rankings

The most important reason businesses want to get first page rankings is that top positions receive exponentially more traffic the higher they appear in search results. The more visible and higher ranking you can position your website, the more leads and sales you will get.

To do this requires increasing the organic flow of traffic to your website with high-quality SEO and specifically written blog articles.

Mobile and digital searches fuel 40% of brick-and-mortar sales. Additionally, 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases, according to Search Engine Land.

Basic Research

We’ll take a look at your current SEO and let you know which keywords you share with competitors, which keywords you rank # 1, and your organic ranking history. We’ll also attempt to see what people are searching when they land on your website. If Google Analytics isn’t being used, we will ensure tracking is set up.

Competitor Research

Based on digital marketing efforts, we’ll provide data on your competitors SEO and keyword rankings.

Keyword Research

After Basic Research and Competitor Research, next we provide keywords to use when writing content. These are based on which keywords your competitors rank for and the keywords you wish to rank based on overall content strategy.

Sample SEO

1. Perform an initial site audit to understand the issues the site is facing.
2. Perform a competitive website study and work out a unique search engine optimization
and placement strategy to achieve top rankings for the web site.
3. Extensively research keyword phrases, and identify and analyze popular keywords for
your website that are most relevant to your specific market demographics that could
drive targeted traffic.
4. Review the site’s pages and decide which ones are best for SEO, plus recommend up to 5
topics for the new website.
5. Work with you to choose which keyword phrases belong on which pages of your site.
based upon what you know about your product, service or brand.
6. Make site architecture recommendations to ensure that the most important pages of the
site would receive the internal link popularity they deserved.
7. Optimize the content of your website in a manner that make it keyword rich as well as
easy-to-understand – descriptive language that speaks to your target audience.
8. New Website: Optimize each page’s Title and Meta description, Header tags for your
targeted keyword phrases, each page will be different specific to the keywords targeted.
9. Set up Google Analytics and started tracking traffic and conversions on your new