Cocktail Drinkers Want Those Brand Names

New research reveals that customers gravitate toward cocktails on a menu when spirits brands are listed with them. According to a study, 44% of cocktail drinkers ordered a brand-specific cocktail when presented with the option on a cocktail menu. It certainly helps to have an eye-catching product name that stands out from a beverage marketing strategy perspective. Developing a title that pops drives more sales and we can help you find the right one.

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As a packaging design agency, it’s a thrill to see the spirit label designs we’ve developed in real life on our clients’ bottles. We appreciate Copper Bonnet Distillery for giving us a peek behind the scenes as they roll their new gin out. 
Give your customers directions to your craft spirits!

Before customers can buy your distillery’s spirits, they need to find them first. Craft spirits brands make this happen with product-finder maps. A tool like this uses your retail and sales data to map out where your spirits are sold. Providing a resource like this to your online visitors could turn them into real-life fans.
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Recently, we’ve added Brass Lion DistilleryCart/Horse DistillingBarrelhouse 6 DistilleryThe Better Man Distilling Co.Territory DistillingBarrel 21 DistilleryMB Roland Distillery, IncNashville Craft DistilleryHogback DistilleryTalnua DistillerySweetgrass Winery and DistilleryBier DistilleryManatawny Still WorksBlack Creek DistilleriesSkaalvenn Distillery, and Clandestino. Discover more woman-led distilleries through our map. Click here.
The owner behind Zakuska Vodka drew inspiration for the spirit from family. His parents hosted parties catered with delicious food and always served cold shots of vodka. When we teamed up with him to create the liquor bottle design, it only made sense that his parents inspire the artwork as well. That’s why they are shown prominently on each bottle. And we’re certainly happy with the end result!
Consider a mobile-first approach to everything!

Given that your customers live behind the screen of a smartphone, everything you do to market your product needs to respond to mobile. That means making your website mobile-friendly but also strengthening your presence on mobile apps, like the Distiller app. Consider using QR codes and develop photography and video that looks good on small screens. 

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