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Q: How can I get great product photos for my spirits?
A: Product photography sets the tone for your spirits and your brand. It’s often the first experience your customers will have with your products. So it’s important to get the right look and feel. Here are 4 tips on how to work with a photographer and get the most out of your photo shoot for your liquor brand.

Find examples of other photography you like
Be sure to ask about usage rights
Ask about the budget for props
Think about your website and
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Q: Do label design companies design labels?
A: Generally not. If you contact a company like Blue Label, they will probably send you to a creative agency like High-Proof Creative, first.
Generally, you can’t get an estimate without a design. Creative agencies that specialize in label design for the spirits industry will not only help with making sure your label will pass TTB, but they can also work with the label company on label printing details like embossing, spot gloss, screen printing, and more.
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Q: How can I help my customers find my bottles?
A: The only way to sell your bottles is to get your customers to the places they are sold! To make that happen, we highly recommend adding a product finder to your website.
Bonus: We can help you do that! If you’re interested in adding our award-winning Small-Batch Maps tool to your site, drop us a line and we’ll get you started.
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Q: Why does my distillery need a website?
A: Sure, you’ve got Facebook and Instagram and you’re already engaging with customers there. It might seem tedious to have to build out a whole website for the brand too. But it’s important to have a destination that you are in full control of when it comes to introducing your customers to your spirits.
A few ways to use your website:Share the story behind your brand and each of your products.Publish cocktail recipes and beverage inspiration.Answer common questions with an FAQs page.
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