The New Target Consumer – Gen Z  In the past four years, the first of Gen Z have turned 21. Industry experts are tracking the drinking habits of our newest market, as the rest of these 70 million Americans will reach drinking age over the next decade. Gen Z tends to shop online more than other demographics, and their purchasing decisions are highly influenced by social media. Are you ready to appeal to the next generation?
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Get On The Map!Cheers to our newest Small-Batch Maps customer! Deviation Distilling of Denver, is utilizing the software we built to help their customers locate their gin and whiskey in-store. We provide Deviation Distilling with insight into how users interact with their map so they know which products, locations and stores their potential customers are searching the most.
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Have A Laugh With Your CustomersResearch has shown that people are drawn to a sense of humor in others. The same goes for brands. It’s a quality that allows companies to show a little personality and connect with their customers on a different level. Humor also just makes people feel good. Make someone’s day and they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hit comedy gold with every social media post. It does mean you should be able to find the humor in your own unique way. The best place to start is to determine your brand’s personality and go from there. Let our team help create your voice through our Social Media services. 
Copper Bonnet came to us as a new company in need of an illustration, logo, and label. We started with custom illustration before moving onto typefaces and a signature color palette that would help them tell their story of a gin distilled from kelp and born of the sea. Ready for a refresh or developing a new brand? Get in touch.
Devious Design Trend
The mischievous illustration is everywhere in 2022 design. Featuring ironic childlike drawings, this movement teeters on the edge of meme culture with its satirical style, featuring eccentric 2D characters that bring a rebellious and humorous edge to branding.

We incorporated this idea into our recent work for Side Hustle Brews and Spirits, featuring kooky camels in various get ups.
Help Your Customers Find YouAre customers finding your distillery’s website when they search for your spirits on Google?
If your website is not optimized for search, it may fall off the first — or even the second — page of a relevant Google search.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Search Ranking may seem like daunting challenges. That said, both processes are necessary to keep your website and brand top of mind — and search page. And with a few simple steps, some time, and some patience, you can raise the ranking of your website and help your customers find you more easily.

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