Agave Takes Center StageAgave spirits are hot! Globally, the category has grown to $9.89 billion in value, and is projected to reach $15.5 billion by 2029. In the last year alone, tequila and mezcal sales climbed 17.4%. American distillers have taken to making their own Agave based spirits by purchasing processed Agave  juice directly from Mexican agriculture, and even using Agave as the base of Vodkas and Gins.

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HPC Wins Big at the ASCOT AwardsHigh-Proof Creative brought home a Gold Medal for our Liba Spirits Logo Design and a Platinum Medal for our Summit Distilling Co Bottle Design from the ASCOT Awards! The ASCOT Awards are an international spirits Tasting and Marketing competition created by spirits personality and veteran tasting judge, Fred Minnick.

Congratulations to our Designer Lauren Gantner!
 Respond To Your Customers’ CommentsSpend some quality time with your customers in the comment section!

Show up and make it clear that you are listening to their feedback. That feedback often shows up in comments on social media, reviews on review sites or mentions on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Check in on those regularly and comment back when you can. 

If someone shares a complaint or bad review, don’t wait too long to publicly acknowledge and then reach out via DM with more follow up. But jump in on the positive comments as well – thank them for sharing a great experience. Positive interactions with a brand online will bring a customer back time and time again.

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Label refresh for our longtime customer, Honeybee Lemonade Syrups! Over the years we’ve worked with their team on multiple creative projects.

This latest design work is a representation of the brand’s maturity and success, signifying the gold standard product inside.

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Clean & Classic Simple and to the point. Our recent logo design for Otani Botanical Vodkas has come to life!

The typeface we selected expresses a confidence in a quality product as well as a curiosity in discovering new flavors. This low-alcohol spirit features flavor infusions that pair well with mixers. It only takes a little sense of adventure to find a new way to serve this beverage! 
Launch Your Spirits with a Mobile First StrategyNot everyone out in public who is looking at their phone is on a dating app. They may be researching a product, especially in liquor stores and restaurants: 81 percent of people research a product online before making an in-store purchase, according to GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study. Since nearly everyone is equipped with a smartphone now, and we know people research before purchasing, your spirits marketing needs to consider a mobile-first strategy.The concept of mobile-first originated with website design. It held that websites respond to the requirements of small screens first and foremost because more and more people browse the Internet on their phones. To a more considerable degree, your digital marketing, from visuals to websites to the copy for Siri, should be built for that device.If you’re ready to launch a new campaign or a new spirit, read our blog for how to achieve a mobile-first strategy.
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