A New Label Can Spike SalesAs the craft spirits industry continues to boom, competition for shelf space becomes more fierce. In 2005, there were just 57 craft distilleries in the US – by 2020, that number had grown to 2,265. With advertising restrictions, a saturated marketplace, and a need to stand out from the crowd, telling a brand story through your label has become essential. Establishing a visual identity through thoughtful font choice, color use and imagery is key to connecting with your target consumer.
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It’s the spirit of a mojito but it doesn’t haunt you the next day! Non-alc newcomer Better Than Booze promises a buzz without the alcohol, utilizing CBD & THC instead. We collaborated with them to infuse that message into their packaging – check out our label and logo design for the brand!
 Highlight The Faces Behind Your Brand. Consumers want to connect with your distillery. Showcasing the people who make, serve, market and sell your spirits is an effective way to create that human connection. When customers know the names of those responsible for your products, they’re more likely to relate to the brand and purchase bottles.As an added bonus, highlighting employees makes them feel special and valued as part of the company! 
Once you’ve got an idea for a distillery, the next step is launching it, right? There’s so much that needs to happen in between!

We took the 30A Distilling Co brand from concept to launch over the last year. Get a look at how we worked with the distillery to build a foundation for success right up to the day they opened their doors – and then some! Read our Case Study for a full overview. 
Named in honor of the founder’s baby daughter, Fat Baby Bourbon embodies the idea of small, independently owned distilleries. With this in mind, we began exploring label design for the brand. We tried to communicate the very personal story behind every bottle while also incorporating that independent spirit. We’re feeling pretty good about the results! Need a packaging design agency? Contact us today!
Use High-Quality Photography
To Elevate Your Brand
Consumers want to see what your distillery has to offer. Literally. When you show potential customers your spirits with high-quality photography, you’re far more likely to convince them to buy. They may not be able to taste a photo but a beautiful photo provides visual evidence of the quality of the product. It lures them in. 

That’s why it’s wise to find ways to incorporate original images into every level of your overall spirits marketing. Excellent brand photography builds trust. Set down that iPad you’ve been taking photos with, and reach more customers with high quality photography.
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